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How the Eco-Logistics program works

  1. We carry out a logistics audit of your company.
  2. We calculate the Carbon Footprint.
  3. We design a multi-option Compensation Plan:
    • Destination Offset. (E.g. All journeys to the UK)
    • Customer Compensation. (All transportation of a customer's goods)
    • Scheduled Plan. (Offsetting an annual percentage of total emissions, up to 100% over a period of 3 years for example).
  4. You choose the most convenient Compensation Plan.
  5. We choose the most appropriate Compensation Projects.
  6. Carbon Credits are purchased.
  7. You are awarded the Eco-Logistics certificate and logo.
The Eco-Logistics logo is owned by Green Summun and has been designed for our customers to be able to demonstrate their commitment to the planet and people alike. It is, at the same time, a distinguishing feature.